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Toddler Lunch Ideas

It's so hard to choose a meal for your toddler...especially a picky one.  I have been collecting ideas for easy foods to feed your toddlers that he will enjoy.  Sam loves most of them!

I'd also love to hear what you feed your toddlers!  Leave me a comment below & share with all of us.

Sam's favorites...and SUPER easy to make:
•  Cream Cheese & Grape Jelly Sandwiches.  He loves it even more when I do the "super cool mom cut" (diagonally).
•  Tyson Chicken Nuggets.
•  Grilled Mozzarella Sandwiches dipped in Marinara sauce.  (Make it just like you would a grilled cheese)

•  Whole Grain Goldfish
•  Frozen Veggies.  I buy big bags of frozen peas, carrots & green beans and cook a week's worth at a time.  Pop them in some water on the stove, season & you are done.

•  Sliced Cucumbers
•  Grilled American Cheese
•  Ham & Cheese Sandwiches.  He likes them deli style or grilled.
•  Mac & Cheese
•  Pasta
•  Ravoili
•  Leftovers from dinner last night. :)
•  Hot Dogs with mustard (we don't do ketchup in my house...yuck!)

Ideas from Powered by Mom (I found her blog on Picket Fence Blogs & wanted to share this post with you.  Her blog is fantastic!):
•  String Cheese
•  Cheese & Crackers
•  Fruits

•  Chopped Chicken Breast wraps
...see more here.

I can't wait to hear your ideas!


First Words

Write down your baby's first words or record them.  It will bring back sweet memories for your family in later years.


Puppet Show Fun

Puppet shows are an effective tool for demonstrating how conversations work.  They can be conversations between your baby and a puppet or among the puppets themselves - or both.  They can also model expressions of emotions.  As your baby gets older, he may want to speak through the puppets and have them say things he would be afraid to say himself.  Encourage the dialogue.


Race Cars!

Lean a piece of cardboard against a chair or the couch.  Show your baby how fast his toy cars can go down the ramp.  Then let him try.


Make Art

Provide baby Picasso with the ingredients to make artwork.  Put him in his highchair, pile up some whipped cream on the tray, add a drop or 2 of food coloring and show him how to swirl it around with his hands.  Don't forget to take pictures!


Plan a Picnic

Warm sun, butterflies, birds, blankets, and snacks.  Your baby will LOVE the fresh air.


Seek Special Recognition

It's always exciting to hear your baby say your name.  When he babbles "mama" or "dada," respond with a smile and say "Here's Mommy" or "Here's Daddy!"


Vary the Carrying

Car seats that can be moved from the car to stroller to house don't offer baby much physical stimulation.  Babies love to be held.  Try a baby sling while traveling.  A caring touch is a powerful form of communication.


#135: Ask Questions

Engage your baby by asking him questions.  "How are you?" or "Isn't it a lovely day?"  Or they can be more specific questions: "Are you warm in that jacket?"  Wait for your baby to answer even if his response is just a string of babbled sounds.  This will teach him the rhythm of conversation.


Vary the Carrying

#134: Crush some chips

Stuck in line at the supermarket?  Hand your baby a sealed bag of potato chips to crinkle and crush (but not to eat).  He will be diverted for a little while by the sound and texture of his new "toy" - a small price to pay to avoid a potential fit.


#133: Start Swinging

Once your baby can sit up with a bit of support, he's ready to try a ride in a bucket-seat swing.  Depending on his sitting skills, you can place him toward the rear of the seat or slump him forward over the front with a rolled blanket behind him for more support.  Push him gently and not too high at first...his neck may not be able to handle it.  If he enjoys swinging, spice up his ride by tickling his leg or kissing his cheek each time he comes forward.  Swinging helps develop the vestibular system, the body's mechanism for maintaining balance and monitoring its movements.  These skills are crucial for learning to crawl, walk, run, ride a bike - just about any activity that entails movement.



Laugh at my giggles...
Show me that I'm a special baby
and that my joy delights you-and
how laughter, like all good things,
is best when shared.


#131: Roll for the toy

Tempt your baby to reach out and grasp things by placing a toy just off to the side of where he's lying.  As he gets older, place the toy farther away, which will inspire him to roll over to get it!


#130: Cheer On the Bouncing Baby

When your baby uses your hands to pull himself up and starts bouncing, encourage him.  Many babies can do it for long stretches of time, and that's fine - it's a great way for him to strengthen his leg muscles and boost his self esteem.  There's also the benefit of giving your arms a good workout.


#129: Make a Ruckus

By 3 months old, your baby is able to locate the source of nearby sounds.  To help him develop this skill, move around the room while talking in funny voices or making a toy squeak or rattle.  Praise his efforts as he looks, squirms, and even wriggles over to the spot where you're making all those interesting noises.


#128: Put Bells on Baby's Toes

Buy or make socks or ankle bracelets adorned with bells and rattles.  These encourage your baby to kick to hear the pleasing noise.  (Make sure anything sewn onto your baby's clothing is securely fastened so it can't come off and pose a choking hazard.


I'm back...

Hello loyal blog readers!  I'm back!

I took a [not so] short bloggy break to focus on my Scentsy business...and I have MISSED all of you!...and Blogger changed its' dashboard...

I'll catch you up on my year...

Sam is 18 months old now!  and WOW has it gone by fast!  I am proud to say that I got to nurse him until he was 13 months old.  He is running around like crazy now and has bumped his head twice now.  [He thinks its funny to trip himself on purpose.] 

Poor kid :(

We have been so lucky to only have 1 food allergy...go figure it would be a family favorite - ranch dressing...BUT only Hidden Valley - the only brand I will buy.  Poor guy.  He loves his ranch.

He has almost all of his teeth now.  He loves to play outside and he loves bath time.

We got a new dog.  Ellie.
She likes to chase her tail...and Sam loves to share food with her.

Me and Jack are still happily married.

As for my Scentsy business...
I made Director in October! 
Before I took my blogging break to pursue Scentsy full time, I never dreamed I could be so successful at it...but with the inspiration of my Scentsy friends and other women in the direct selling industry...I did it. 
I have shared the opportunity with tons of ladies [and gentlemen] and I have watched them grow a successful business too.

Jack and I earned a free trip to the Dominican Republic for a week in June...[less than 2 months...ahhh!!!  I.cant.wait!]  This is where we are staying:

Accomplishments and Awards

  • Started my Scentsy journey – [November 16, 2009]
  • Scentsational Start Award – Level 2 [January 2010]
  • From Essential Consultant to Certified Consultant [December 2010]
  • From Certified Consultant to Lead Consultant [April 2010]
  • From Lead Consultant to Star Consultant [May 2011]
  • Top 5000 sales out of over 200,000 consultants [June 2011]
  • Top 5000 sales out of over 200,000 consultants [July 2011]
  • From Star Consultant to Super Star Consultant [August 2011]
  • From Super Star Consultant to DIRECTOR!! [October 2011]
  • Monthly Sales Award [November 2011]
  • Scentsational Trainer Award [November 2011]
  • Monthly Sales Award [December 2011]
  • Earned Rockin’ The Republic Incentive Trip for 2 [January 2012]
  • Chosen by Scentsy to be Oklahoma City’s spokesperson for an article in the Journal Record [January 2012]
  • In the running for the Annual Mentor Award – Fingers Crossed! [April 2012]
...and guess what?  I designed a website all by was the hardest and most frustrating thing I think I've ever gotten myself into. :)
Wanna see it?

Sam has also been a big help in my Scentsy business...

So, that pretty much sums it up...
What have you been up to?


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#127: share family songs

Friends and family are often eager to help new parents but may not know how.  So they might be delighted if you ask them to share some favorite songs and rhymes that they used to sing to their wee ones - maybe even versions in another language.  If Grandma shares a few songs that her grandmother sang to her as a child or that an uncle hummed to you or your spouse, you're likely to develop a special connection to the song when you share it with your baby.  And you can tell him its history someday [and maybe later he'll even sing it to his own kids.]

-From 365 activities you and your baby will love


#126: Explore junior-edition yoga

In baby-yoga classes, your little one lies on his back or tummy, or in your arms, while you guide his body into adapted poses, sometimes with rhymes, songs, swaying, or gentle bouncing.  Several books outline the basics, though you and your baby may enjoy the sociability of a class.

-From 365 activities you and your baby will love


#125: double the noise

Soft squeaky toys instantly reward your baby's new grasping skills.  Give him a toy for each hand.  Can he hold onto both yet?  Does he look at the toy that's making the louder noise?

-From 365 activities you and your baby will love


#124: bring a sock to life

For instant baby amusement, put your hand inside a sock and open and close its "mouth" while speaking in a funny voice.  This impromptu puppet show makes a great diversion when you're changing your baby's clothes or even while waiting in a long line at the store.

-From 365 activities you and your baby will love

Tasty Thursday Blog Hop [I'm the Co-host!]

Welcome to Week 6 of Tasty Thursdays!

This is a blog hop for anyone who loves food. Feel free to link up your blog, website, Twitter or Facebook pages. You don’t have to link to a recipe, but if you have one to share, please do!

All I ask is that you follow The How To Mommy and Made of Snails on Google Friend Connect (and leave a comment). Feel free to grab the button for your post/page, as well. Visit the other pages, make new friends and try new recipes!
Tasty Thursday Recipe Swap Blog Hop
And now, time for the recipe swapping!


#123: sing to the tune of a classic

Introduce your child to some simple fingerplays while singing this starry song to the tune of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."

One, two, three big stars
count to three with your fingers on one hand

Blinking in the sky!
open and close both of your hands three times to make them "blink"

Twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, twinkle
continue "blinking both hands while raising them over your head

How'd they get so high?
hold out your hands, palms up, as if you don't know the answer

-From 365 activities you and your baby will love